Unihorn International

An English summary of our activities abroad

Pavement research and consultancy

To determine the residual life time and required maintenance of existing pavements, we offer a full range of investigations. For each project we make a choice between visual condition surveys, measurements, construction coring, traffic counts and material or environmental research. We have our own (Fast) Falling Weight Deflecto-meters. HD-video equipment and coring equipment.
For the analysis of all data, our experienced advisors use state-of-the-art software. The result: a project specific advice for maintenance or rehabilitation, optionally with alternatives.

Unihorn dimensions pavement constructions, ranging from constructions for bicycle paths to airfield platforms, in asphalt concrete, concrete or block pavements.
We also analyse specific problems, such as road widenings, the effect of special vehicles or loads (such as straddle carriers and airplanes) of materials and the application of alternative products (polymer modified asphalt, asphalt reinforcement, ultra-thin surface layers).

For more information on alternative products have a look at www.sealoflexbitumen.com

Asset management
We perform inventories, conduct visual condition surveys and perform measurements to determine maintenance priorities and budgets for road networks. Inventories and surveys  are conducted digitally. We work according to internationally acknowledged pavement management system or according to local systems.
For the management of airport pavements, we use the world wide acknowledged MicroPaver system.

Life cycle cost analysis
With this analysis we determine all costs during the lifetime of a pavement. These are all costs for construction, maintenance and removal of a pavement or other construction facilities. Our analysis provides reliable information for the long-term maintenance budgets as required in pavement management systems. At project level, the analysis provides important contributions for the assessment of the sustainability of a chosen solution.


Unihorn is a Dutch engineering consultant, active in the fields of infrastructure and public space. As all designs should be realizable and maintainable, we are the connection between design, research, consultancy and asset management.

Our areas of expertise are:

  • Asset management
  • Environmental investigations and consultancy
  • Geodata and monitoring
  • Planning and design
  • Pavement research and consultancy
  • Road research laboratory

We work for (local) government organizations, water board authorities, engineering consultants, project developers, contractors and private parties.

We are established in 1992.

Outside The Netherlands we are active in the fields of research, consultancy and asset management of pavements. More specific, pavements for highways, airfields, ports, container terminals, industrial areas, etc.

We advise you on a strategic, tactical and operational level on the management and state of maintenance of your  network.

We do this in a practical and towards your organization oriented way.