Investigation runway and apron

Malta International Airport has been open for commercial traffic for over 50 years. The present air terminal building was constructed during the period 1989/91. Under authority of Malta International Airport plc a pavement investigation has been performed at runway 06-24, runway14-32 and the main apron.

Malta International Airport Plc.
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Unihorn Malta Airport 1
Unihorn Malta Airport 2
Unihorn Malta Airport 3


Falling-weight deflection measurements and visual condition surveys were conducted at the pavement structures. In a pavement analysis the strength (bearing capacity) of the current pavement structures were determined and recommendations for the rehablitation measures were stated. The services of Unihorn included falling-weight deflection measurements, visual condition surveys, structural pavement analysis and determination of rehabilitation measures.

Departments involved:

  • Planning & Design
  • Pavement consultancy
  • Survey