Planning and design

Design of civil infrastructure is one of our strengths. The design process includes the phases investigations, planning and design, drawings and specifications, tender stage, construction and maintenance period.

During each phase sustainability is emphasized. For example, through conscious choices of materials, reuse of (existing) materials, integration of design and maintenance management and ‘life cycle cost analysis’.


In this phase, all necessary investigations are coordinated by the Design department, but mostly performed by the other departments of Unihorn (Surveying, Environmental, Pavements) or outsourced to specialized agencies. The results are assessed by the Design department for their practical applicability within the project and provide the basis for the next phases.

Planning and Design

We draw up feasibility studies and develop them into a final design. Areas where the designers of Unihorn can assist you are:

  • site preparation of industrial and residential areas
  • design of roads and highways, including details of roundabouts, intersections, etc.
  • design of sewer systems
  • design of structures
  • design of coastal and river works.

Where necessary, we support these designs with (replies to) pre-bid queries, permit applications and budget estimates.

Specifications and drawings

After approval of the final design we provide the tender documents. Besides the drawings, we also draw up the tender documents in accordance with the (Dutch) RAW- or FIDIC-system. Together with you, we look for the most appropriate form of contract: B.O.T (Build, Operate & Transfer), D.B.M.O. (Design, Build, Maintenance and Operation), etc. If legislation asks for a H & S plan, we add this to the specifications. Finally the budget estimate is detailed into a construction cost budget and the construction time is determined.


In contracting either we support you or we take care of the whole process. Components in this process are advertising or inviting for bids, providing additional information with the related notes, keeping the procurement and delivery of an award recommendation. Besides the 'traditional' contract, we advise you about design, construct and/or maintain contracts and assist you with this.

Construction and maintenance period

After the tender  process we can guide or assist you with the construction supervision. These services come in different forms.
We can provide full support through construction management and daily construction supervision or perform, one of, these activities part time.