Pavement research and consultancy

To determine the residual life time and required maintenance of existing pavements, we offer a full range of possible investigations. For each project we make a choice between visual condition surveys, measurements, construction coring, traffic counts and material or environmental research. We have at our disposal coring trucks and Falling Weight Deflectometers. For the analysis of all data, our experienced advisors use state-of-the-art software. The result: a project specific advice for maintenance or rehabilitation, optionally with alternatives.


Unihorn dimensions pavement constructions and analyzes specific problems, such as road widening, application of alternative products (polymer modified asphalt, asphalt reinforcement, ultra thin surface layers) and the effect of special vehicles or loads, such as straddle carriers and airplanes.

Pavement management

We perform inventories, conduct visual condition surveys and determine maintenance priorities and budgets of complete road systems. Inventories and surveys  are conducted digitally where possible. We work according to the Dutch CROW pavement management system or according local systems. For the management of airport pavements, we use the world wide acknowledged MicroPaver system.

Life cycle cost analysis

With this analysis we determine all costs during the lifetime of a pavement. These are all costs for construction, maintenance and removal of a pavement or other construction facilities. Our analysis provides reliable information for the long-term maintenance budgets as required in pavement management systems. At project level, the analysis provides important contributions for the assessment of the sustainability of a chosen solution.

Design, construct and maintain projects

For these projects Unihorn supports both clients and contractors in all phases. Environmental research is playing an increasingly prominent role in civil engineering projects, project development and for the purchase and sale of land. Due to years of experience and obtaining the required certification, Unihorn can provide comprehensive environmental support from different research areas for small and large scale projects.

Because of the close cooperation between environmental consultants and civil engineering consultants within Unihorn, the applicability from a civil engineering point of view is advised in addition to the environmental applicability of the investigated materials. This approach contributes to our pursuit of sustainable consultancy.