Geodetic surveying

In general space is scarce. Good measurements are of great importance for a clear overview and a good integration. Accurate data is needed for a fitting design and management of existing infrastructural facilities. Unihorn has well experienced surveyors. They work with the latest equipment and the measurements are fully automated processed.

Situation and detailed measurements

For the (re)design of infrastructural facilities situational and/or detailed measurements are needed. These measurements range from leveling up to a full 3D measurement as basis for planning and design. For the measurements and the corresponding calculations and models we use the latest software.

Support of road construction work

For the maintenance of roads longitudinal and transverse profiles are measured and evaluated. On basis of these results, we design a new road profile. This results in milling and asphalt laying levels and quantities. We also present these results in the form of execution drawings to the contractor. The staking out of milling and asphalt laying levels, the measuring of various stages during construction and staking out of lines and road markings is also provided by us. Finally, we provide complete as-built drawings and reports.

Stake out, dimensioning and as-built drawings

The work for building construction projects ranges from staking out building alignments to the dimensioning of grids and anchors. In civil engineering projects, we execute the entire stake out works. Quantity surveying and quality control are often an integral part in this. If you wish, Unihorn provides the as-built drawings of the underground and aboveground infrastructure.


We measure and record, possible, movements of structures and settlements of soil bodies. If required, Unihorn sets up a complete monitoring grid, if necessary with automated systems that track movements 24 hours a day.

Land register survey

We answer questions about ownership and boundaries. In determining new boundaries, Unihorn provides the measurements and the recording and the transfer of results to the Land Registry.

Revision measurements of cables and pipelines

Registration of  the location of underground works is important. Our surveyors have knowledge of all cables, pipes and fittings. Before surveying we set up a clear protocol. The result: exact knowledge of the location of your cables and pipelines.

Measurements at open water

Unihorn has its own level boats. We use both manual and automated techniques for determining cross sections, water levels, sludge thicknesses and quantities.

Pavement research on and consultancy for asphalt concrete, cement concrete or block pavements for roads, airports, container terminals: our specialism par excellence.