Environmental investigations

The Environment department of Unihorn deals with performing environmental soil and sediment investigations and asbestos surveys (NEN 5725 / 5720 / 5740 / 5707 / 5897). Analyzes are performed at certified laboratories. The recommendations and reports are prepared by our own environmental consultants.

Asphalt and construction coring

Unihorn has several coring vehicles for carrying out coring in asphalt or concrete and full pavement constructions. The vehicles are equipped with hydraulic gouging equipment so samples can be taken out of unbound sub bases and sub grades as well.


In our accredited laboratory NEN-EN-ISO 17025 asphalt cores are described in a standardized way on layer thickness, types of asphalt and distresses. The quantity of tar in asphalt is reviewed by using a PAK-marker (polycyclic aromatic hydro carbons tar-detector) and/or a DLC-analysis (thin layer chromatography). Hereby we meet the requirements for asphalt research under CROW publication 210.

Supervision & consultancy

In consultation with the client, we choose for the most cost-effective approach. All the projects are supervised in an environmentally responsible way from A to Z on basis of the applicable guidelines and regulations. An important element here is the maximum sustainable reuse of soil and construction materials getting out of (re)construction projects.