Pavement research and consultancy by Unihorn

Unihorn offers a full range of research and consultancy services to determine the residual life time and required maintenance of existing pavements. A project may be subject to visual condition surveys, measurements, construction coring, traffic counting, study of materials or environmental research. Unihorn has at its disposal coring trucks and Falling Weight Deflectometers and experienced advisors use state-of-the-art software for the analysis of data. The result is project-specific advice for maintenance or restoration, with alternatives given as options.


Unihorn dimensions pavement constructions and analyses specific interventions such as road widening or the application of alternative products (polymer-modified asphalt, asphalt reinforcement, ultra-thin surface layers), as well as studying the effect of special vehicles or loads such as straddle carriers and aeroplanes.

Pavement management

Unihorn draws up inventories, conducts visual condition surveys and determines maintenance priorities and budgets for complete road systems. Inventories and surveys are conducted digitally wherever possible. Unihorn works according to the Dutch CROW pavement management system or according to local systems. For the management of airport pavements, Unihorn uses the internationally recognised MicroPaver pavement manager system.

Life cycle cost analysis

This analysis enables Unihorn to determine all costs during the lifetime of a pavement, including expenses relating to construction, maintenance and removal of a pavement or other construction facilities. Unihorn's analysis provides reliable information for the long-term maintenance budgets that are necessary for pavement management systems. At project level, the analysis provides important contributions for the assessment of the sustainability of a chosen solution.

Supervision and consultancy

All projects are supervised using environmentally responsible methods from conception to completion on the basis of applicable guidelines and regulations. An important element here is the maximum sustainable reuse of soil and construction materials that result from construction and reconstruction projects.

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